Monday, January 12, 2009

The Path that leads to life.
How easy it has become for us to take the path of least resistance. Why?
Probably because we are all, for the most part lazy.
There is a saying written down by God, about seeking him and finding him if, you will seek him with ALL your HEART.
What does our heart have to do with where we walk, what path we take?
You have heard it said about athletes putting their heart into it and winning. When you lose heart you lose everything.
We want to put our heart into our relationships, marriage, family, friendships, our jobs, career, vocation.
As a musician you need your heart to be passionate about the music for it to flow from you and touch others.
The artist is the same, pouring their heart into their creation. The craft, work of their hands.
All of us will agree that we have at some place in our life had a close to spiritual encounter with nature, and were wowed by our surroundings, mountains, valleys, ocean scene, touched whales, swam with dolphins, or went to a place hardly touched by man. It forever remains etched upon our hearts.
There is an absolute necessity for our hearts to continually be stimulated by something or someone, so our existence makes a margin of sense.
Why do we want to argue that it seems too impossible for a creator, artist, musician, lover of all things beautiful and the very one who gave us life and to each of us a gift of himself, do we want to believe be nonexistent?
Instead we'd rather choose an improbable theory , an irrational accumulation of unclear jumbled numbers which is also another theory that out of chaos came undeniable mathematical structure and complicated balance in a complete universe.
The fool, in his heart says,"there is no God!"
i would rather believe in a creator who put his heart into everything around us,that we might have and enjoy and then poured us into his mould and gave us the ability to choose, to make a decision in our heart, to believe or not, all the while his creation shouts to us of his existence.
What a great God and he doesn't stop there. He will try everything he can to help you to encounter him, in one way or another.
Why would you want to choose another path?

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