Thursday, March 26, 2009

Restoration A Process
from broken spirit to life from Jesus the love of God comes to me
changed in an instant from blindness to sight
from lameness to life
from broken to repaired, restored
from captured to one set free
healed in one second as he breathed on me
time is meaningless as life begins at the beating of his heart
his word, his Spirit hovering, he looks and sees that it is good
it is very good.
who can know him, hold him, embrace him?
he is wind, he rides upon cherub wings
he is wine and bread, water and wind living in timeless existence
that he alone understands, he created it
there is no barrier to hold him,
who shall build a dwelling place for him?
he is endless upon endless upon everlasting love
words are not enough, experience is not enough,
imaginations are too small to describe such a one as he,
an awesome God.
he comes to me, words on wind, words of wind
wind words hovering, creations breath in every whisper
ever so slowly, gently, fathering me with fire words
passion, love, embracing my heart, spirit.
Now his rushing wind of presence into my space
filling, lifting, piercing me through and through
i am helpless sails on a ship, i just let go
engulfed in what is unseen and yet there and everywhere
i am saturated, i am breathless, i am and I am.
i an eagle high upon a perch, and now catapulting
wings out and out and out, stretching reaching as far as i can
i want every breath of wind, riding, gliding, soaring,
pouring myself into this joy, now effortless updraft upon updraft
higher and higher living for these moments, days, months, years
fulfilling my purpose in life to bring him joy.
he wants me to ride his winds, always new heights, new winds
new life, new purpose, and the wind i knew a second ago is gone.
i wait once again, looking, listening, eyes open, ears perked
day upon day with intent,
for i am created for his glory, and good pleasure to enjoy.
In his presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures forever more.
Feb. 05 rewritten March .09

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Steady as we go.Holding the course.
Our winter session for our home group came to an end on Friday with a social evening of sharing some food, laughter, and prayer.
Out of 32 groups for the winter session, there were lots to choose from. Ours was designated to 30+ singles and we studied a book about the heart by John Eldredge. (of which i had written in the past.)
i think we all were affected in one way or another and blessed.
John Eldredge has written many fine books, this being one of them.
Next session will start up after Easter and go till June.
We will decide what direction we are going, as i've ordered some books to view and get a feel for where to take us.
This week at the church brings us to a special happening called; Three Days in His Presence. People will contribute time to prayer and fasting and meeting with God. There will be a focus from music, worship, praise, adoration, prayer, intercession, all to entreat God's special visitation on behalf of our community, city, surrounding area, province and country.
We have great expectation and know that God's heart is to affect people. He is so in love with us all and really desires to bring his glory into our midst. He's awesome, there is no one like him. We are totally in love with him and we have no reservation about sharing him with others.
When Jesus was here he showed us the heart of the Father and we gained a wonderful insight into his person. He lavishes his love on us, wants to see us free from things that would harm us, bind us, control us, damage us, kill us with diseases or crippling our health.
i have not regretted, that at 18 yrs of age i made a decision to follow him. Had i not, i might very well be dead right now. i am a better person, worker, citizen, and no one has been twisting my arm or threatening me with beatings or anything else. i do what i do because i want to, because he is easy to love and when you love someone you don't want to hurt that special someone.
It's now some 36 years later and not without its mishaps and failures. Out of weakness comes strength and foolish things to mess with the heads of the so-called wise.
As most of you awaken tomorrow and the sun lights up the sky, you won't be thinking about creation, or the big bang theory, or Darwinism, or what can i do to make someone else's life easier. No you'll be looking for your coffee, hoping no one will tick you off or get in your way so your day can serve you.
All the while he will be addressing ways to get your attention and he has done that throughout every day of your life.
Thank you Lord!
(photo: waiting on the bridge at Sarnia, ON, before heading south. L.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i was re-listening to a past sermon at our church by Larry Randolph, who came for a couple days in November, to share some things with us.
Don't despise transition.
All of us have heard the story of butterflies before and their metamorphosis from worm to cocoon to transformation into some of the most colourful of God's creation.
He parallels the Christian life, and our struggle. We eat and eat and eat, prepare, prepare, prepare, struggle, struggle, struggle most all our lives.
Some of us make it and some of us don't.
He spoke about many scientific studies with different stages of the insect and how environment plays such a huge roll in our development. Who we are surrounded by, who is leading, going in circles and starving to death.
We should be excited about transition, the squeezing, molding, growing up, development, character, becoming the real church.
Many times God forces change, simply because we don't want to, are not willing to change.
The cocoon is a special length of time, like a child in a womb. Designated time for 9 months to complete the process. This 9 months to us could be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years.
The birth process is messy, and usually loud.
Discern: the spirit of religion could have you bound to old stuff, past, dead, unwilling to move into something new.
God is a God of the positive, linear, progressive, does not live in the past.
Joshua and Caleb got hold of God's thinking, while the others were stuck.
Jesus spoke in Jn 14, about not letting our hearts be troubled or afraid, right before he went off to be crucified. Something new was about to happen and Peter had tried to stop him when he said, "get behind me Satan".
Positive thinking sends the right chemicals through our bodies and promotes health and well being. Phil. 4, Paul encourages us about the things we should be thinking. We should be talking God talk not our talk.
God's truth is absolute but it is also progressive, developmental, growth faceted and we should always be ready for the unfolding of God.
Museums have a museum mentality. God doesn't live in a museum.
God is extraordinary, extravagant and we need this to pour out of the church. The church is filled with God likenesses, creative, incredible people who should be leading the world.
During economic uncertainty Joseph rose to his destiny, his blessing.
There are gold fish that will grow within the confines of their specific environment and no more.
Jn 3:16 "For God so loved the WORLD", not just mankind.
The church has the ability to change the landscape.
We are each a unique piece of God's personality, a special individual given the ability to think God thoughts, with Godly mindedness and each of us have a place and are needed to fill it. Enough of us together with the courage to enter into the provision of God, and who knows what could happen. We are given permission to succeed.
(These thoughts were taken from my notes on the subject)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dreams and Winds of Holy Spirit

Right Where i Belong!
i was reviewing some past journaling from .05 and came across some dreams i had written down.
One was about being in a vehicle with my Father and a building, like a fort with a blue roof , and what appeared to be white stone walls. The building stuck out and had some significance.
i moved in the winter of .06, January, to where i am now, because of a relationship here. Not thinking that this dream might have meaning. As i re-read these pages again a few months ago i realized a couple of things.
But let me back up a bit.
The relationship grows and i re-marry, but before that happens we (new wife and me) sense the need to seek out a different church for our growth and after some months of searching come to a decision (with the help of some revelation) on The Embassy. This is Nov. 07. A month later the pastor speaks prophetically to us on a Sunday morning, from the pulpit before dismissing the congregation. He gives us a very encouraging word, and we feel right at home.
Now, sometime near the end of summer .08, i notice that the roof of the church is blue, and the walls are brown brick and another section is white. So it has two sections. The building in my dream has two sections also. Suddenly the dream comes into focus in my mind, and i connect the dots.
i have had other prophetic dreams and what is known as open visions, where you are awake and see things. This goes back to well over ten years now, so i try to remember all i can of dreams as i awake. Sometimes the scenes are very vivid and easy to remember and other times not so.
i had one significant dream about a friend of mine a number of years ago. i wrote down the particulars and shared it with him. It was right on!
i have not really studied much on dreams over the years, as there was not a lot of writing about them from a Christian perspective. Now that is changing and i have some great friends who have written a couple of books and teach and speak on the subject. There is a growing acceptance of their importance in the role of the church now.
We see throughout the Bible dreams, visions, prophetic symbolism etc. God uses different means to speak and get our attention. Everyone knows the story of Joseph the dreamer and his brothers, as so with John and Revelations.
But unfortunetly, many clerical people have dismissed the moving of the Spirit and His input .
God is in the encouraging business. He enjoys blessing us and also giving us small pieces of the puzzle as we journey along with Him. When we figure it out and get the picture, we sometimes go, "man that is so cool!" "Thank you God!"
It's all written down for us, that we will see visions and we will dream dreams.
(beautiful stained glass, artist Sylvia Laks)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where dreams Began

(Photo Isle of Skye, Scotland)
In My Stead
i found these hands inside my head
removing all the words i'd said
i said, to these hands, i said,
"get to the outer side of my head
oh for sure for soon you're dead.
for what's inside me is mine", i said
"my words, my thoughts, i am fed,
all mine well versed and well read!
what's mined is mine in mind ahead."
founding the find of golden mined
thoughts from old and new and bread
the life giving life bearing treasure bed
wisdom, revelation, heart eyes lead,
and heart eyes agreements bled,
for my sole whole was stead
for i am counted amongst the dead
freed from a dismal life of dread,
free to mine the mind of said
a mind well said as i be lead
on my account he set forth bled
such love i love forever said.
past agreements we be said
to our future they be wed
with death's destruction they are bred
to silence golden words of said
to take you down to death's dark bed
you'll find your mind in darkness lead,
the said be set, and be said
these sticky hands inside your head,
on an angry course of curses fed
to empty heart, soul, spirit's breath
in death, foul death, without regret.
their mission from the darkness lead
with every sulphur stinking breath
whispers dripping deepest dread
with hatred laced and hatred fed
bent on derangement of one who bled,
on our behalf to save thus said.
from agreements i am shed
through confession of all been said
and to the cross is nailed instead,
past, present, future credited.