Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where dreams Began

(Photo Isle of Skye, Scotland)
In My Stead
i found these hands inside my head
removing all the words i'd said
i said, to these hands, i said,
"get to the outer side of my head
oh for sure for soon you're dead.
for what's inside me is mine", i said
"my words, my thoughts, i am fed,
all mine well versed and well read!
what's mined is mine in mind ahead."
founding the find of golden mined
thoughts from old and new and bread
the life giving life bearing treasure bed
wisdom, revelation, heart eyes lead,
and heart eyes agreements bled,
for my sole whole was stead
for i am counted amongst the dead
freed from a dismal life of dread,
free to mine the mind of said
a mind well said as i be lead
on my account he set forth bled
such love i love forever said.
past agreements we be said
to our future they be wed
with death's destruction they are bred
to silence golden words of said
to take you down to death's dark bed
you'll find your mind in darkness lead,
the said be set, and be said
these sticky hands inside your head,
on an angry course of curses fed
to empty heart, soul, spirit's breath
in death, foul death, without regret.
their mission from the darkness lead
with every sulphur stinking breath
whispers dripping deepest dread
with hatred laced and hatred fed
bent on derangement of one who bled,
on our behalf to save thus said.
from agreements i am shed
through confession of all been said
and to the cross is nailed instead,
past, present, future credited.

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