Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dreams and Winds of Holy Spirit

Right Where i Belong!
i was reviewing some past journaling from .05 and came across some dreams i had written down.
One was about being in a vehicle with my Father and a building, like a fort with a blue roof , and what appeared to be white stone walls. The building stuck out and had some significance.
i moved in the winter of .06, January, to where i am now, because of a relationship here. Not thinking that this dream might have meaning. As i re-read these pages again a few months ago i realized a couple of things.
But let me back up a bit.
The relationship grows and i re-marry, but before that happens we (new wife and me) sense the need to seek out a different church for our growth and after some months of searching come to a decision (with the help of some revelation) on The Embassy. This is Nov. 07. A month later the pastor speaks prophetically to us on a Sunday morning, from the pulpit before dismissing the congregation. He gives us a very encouraging word, and we feel right at home.
Now, sometime near the end of summer .08, i notice that the roof of the church is blue, and the walls are brown brick and another section is white. So it has two sections. The building in my dream has two sections also. Suddenly the dream comes into focus in my mind, and i connect the dots.
i have had other prophetic dreams and what is known as open visions, where you are awake and see things. This goes back to well over ten years now, so i try to remember all i can of dreams as i awake. Sometimes the scenes are very vivid and easy to remember and other times not so.
i had one significant dream about a friend of mine a number of years ago. i wrote down the particulars and shared it with him. It was right on!
i have not really studied much on dreams over the years, as there was not a lot of writing about them from a Christian perspective. Now that is changing and i have some great friends who have written a couple of books and teach and speak on the subject. There is a growing acceptance of their importance in the role of the church now.
We see throughout the Bible dreams, visions, prophetic symbolism etc. God uses different means to speak and get our attention. Everyone knows the story of Joseph the dreamer and his brothers, as so with John and Revelations.
But unfortunetly, many clerical people have dismissed the moving of the Spirit and His input .
God is in the encouraging business. He enjoys blessing us and also giving us small pieces of the puzzle as we journey along with Him. When we figure it out and get the picture, we sometimes go, "man that is so cool!" "Thank you God!"
It's all written down for us, that we will see visions and we will dream dreams.
(beautiful stained glass, artist Sylvia Laks)

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