Saturday, March 21, 2009

Steady as we go.Holding the course.
Our winter session for our home group came to an end on Friday with a social evening of sharing some food, laughter, and prayer.
Out of 32 groups for the winter session, there were lots to choose from. Ours was designated to 30+ singles and we studied a book about the heart by John Eldredge. (of which i had written in the past.)
i think we all were affected in one way or another and blessed.
John Eldredge has written many fine books, this being one of them.
Next session will start up after Easter and go till June.
We will decide what direction we are going, as i've ordered some books to view and get a feel for where to take us.
This week at the church brings us to a special happening called; Three Days in His Presence. People will contribute time to prayer and fasting and meeting with God. There will be a focus from music, worship, praise, adoration, prayer, intercession, all to entreat God's special visitation on behalf of our community, city, surrounding area, province and country.
We have great expectation and know that God's heart is to affect people. He is so in love with us all and really desires to bring his glory into our midst. He's awesome, there is no one like him. We are totally in love with him and we have no reservation about sharing him with others.
When Jesus was here he showed us the heart of the Father and we gained a wonderful insight into his person. He lavishes his love on us, wants to see us free from things that would harm us, bind us, control us, damage us, kill us with diseases or crippling our health.
i have not regretted, that at 18 yrs of age i made a decision to follow him. Had i not, i might very well be dead right now. i am a better person, worker, citizen, and no one has been twisting my arm or threatening me with beatings or anything else. i do what i do because i want to, because he is easy to love and when you love someone you don't want to hurt that special someone.
It's now some 36 years later and not without its mishaps and failures. Out of weakness comes strength and foolish things to mess with the heads of the so-called wise.
As most of you awaken tomorrow and the sun lights up the sky, you won't be thinking about creation, or the big bang theory, or Darwinism, or what can i do to make someone else's life easier. No you'll be looking for your coffee, hoping no one will tick you off or get in your way so your day can serve you.
All the while he will be addressing ways to get your attention and he has done that throughout every day of your life.
Thank you Lord!
(photo: waiting on the bridge at Sarnia, ON, before heading south. L.)

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Heidi said...

Praying you find the book that makes the most sense to go through next!