Thursday, March 26, 2009

Restoration A Process
from broken spirit to life from Jesus the love of God comes to me
changed in an instant from blindness to sight
from lameness to life
from broken to repaired, restored
from captured to one set free
healed in one second as he breathed on me
time is meaningless as life begins at the beating of his heart
his word, his Spirit hovering, he looks and sees that it is good
it is very good.
who can know him, hold him, embrace him?
he is wind, he rides upon cherub wings
he is wine and bread, water and wind living in timeless existence
that he alone understands, he created it
there is no barrier to hold him,
who shall build a dwelling place for him?
he is endless upon endless upon everlasting love
words are not enough, experience is not enough,
imaginations are too small to describe such a one as he,
an awesome God.
he comes to me, words on wind, words of wind
wind words hovering, creations breath in every whisper
ever so slowly, gently, fathering me with fire words
passion, love, embracing my heart, spirit.
Now his rushing wind of presence into my space
filling, lifting, piercing me through and through
i am helpless sails on a ship, i just let go
engulfed in what is unseen and yet there and everywhere
i am saturated, i am breathless, i am and I am.
i an eagle high upon a perch, and now catapulting
wings out and out and out, stretching reaching as far as i can
i want every breath of wind, riding, gliding, soaring,
pouring myself into this joy, now effortless updraft upon updraft
higher and higher living for these moments, days, months, years
fulfilling my purpose in life to bring him joy.
he wants me to ride his winds, always new heights, new winds
new life, new purpose, and the wind i knew a second ago is gone.
i wait once again, looking, listening, eyes open, ears perked
day upon day with intent,
for i am created for his glory, and good pleasure to enjoy.
In his presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures forever more.
Feb. 05 rewritten March .09

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