Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stop This Thing, "i'm Getting Off!"

Life can look and feel like we are just spinning. One place doing the same thing over and over without end.
Stuck in the dark with a little light shining around our little space, while the world seems to go by beneath and around us without giving notice to us at all.
This can be the norm for most people, but within the Christian walk, there is this trap also.
We just finished a book in our small group that was reminding us that, "we are at war!"
There is a war for domination of our hearts. You take out the heart, that life beating desire, energy, spontaneity, likes, wants, needs, dreams, vision, joy, peace, right attitude, love for life and it's good pleasures, and love for God and what do you end up with? A heavy yoke of strain and lifelessness, that will take you to an early grave and keep you from truly experiencing what God wants for you.
It will lead you to become the walking dead.
The heart is at the centre of life, God knows it and so does the destroyer of all that God has for us in Christ. We need to fight for and preserve the life that is intended for us and for those around us.
i would invite you to read John Eldredge's book, "Waking the Dead" and a great follow up to it by the same author is "Walking with God."
Now we are going to follow up this book with "Praying by the Power of the Spirit" by Neil Anderson. i am reading through it now and as a student and person of prayer, i was quite intrigued with some of his insights. There is always more to learn.
i am looking forward to and excited about sharing this book with our group and seeing all our horizons expanded.
(Photo Vienna Austria, giant ferris wheel, 07/08, by my best friend Hella)
Being laid up with an injury for the past few months has had me contemplating my next move.
Surgery, yes or no? Live with the pain and problem. Sustained nerve and reflex damage that will not be corrected by surgery.
Will not be able to continue life at the pace i was used to and be doing the strenuous work i had been doing.
i'm not interested in living on pain killers for the rest of my life just so i can get around.
So i need to learn how to best manage the pain and move on.
i remember my mother telling me after she was in a car accident shortly after i was born, that the Dr's said she had little chance of walking again due to the injury to her back. She proved them wrong.
i get a lot of my stamina from her, i have a high tolerance to pain that has helped me and a stubbornness that does not bend easily to injury.
God has been awesome in blessing me in my body in the past, so i have a faith that arises also.
There is just too much to say about that, this particular injury and time in my life and his getting my attention, that i know great things are yet to come my way.
i have been taking a more serious interest in furthering my education and getting a degree for ministry, that would fulfill some dreams i have had and let die. (there was an attack on my heart that wanted to kill all of that, God has a better idea.)
So having to stop, literally what i was doing and reevaluate my life has been good.
i am researching an on-line school, with accredited and recognized courses to get my degree and further if i so desire. This is something i have wanted to do for a very long time.
As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait", but "better things" come to those who love God and put him first!
Yahoo! LOL


Hella said...

i'm right there beside sweet wonderful man!
love you huge!

Heidi said...

Standing with you in faith for your future physical healing, and for doors to open to fulfill your dream of preparing yourself for ministry, and walking in it.