Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The air is still unrelenting as we usher in the warm weather.
Temperatures rise for a day only to plummet again. Clouds fill the horizon, and spring rain showers beat upon the window.
The grass is slowly getting greener, and people are anxious to rake and attend flower gardens.
The winter here seemingly long and dragged out with the frigid air still holding on.
Hockey playoffs are on the TV.
Baseball has started another season.
Basketball finals also bidding for their fans.
Garage sales already popping up around the city.
House sales even in this economic climate are slowly rising, because prices are down slightly as with interest rates.
Many people anxious for a change to help ease the tensions over job security.
Department stores carrying sales over with more reductions.
But there are still line ups at the coffee shop drive through, and MacDonald's fighting for some of the Tim Horton crowd.
The world turns, the tides change, the seasons come and go.
We look at our watches and it seems that all is according to the day, the hour, the seconds.
Then we look again and ten years have sped past, zoom!
In our hands we posses nothing to change a thing; except, to change how we think.
We will always have the power to change that process. We have the power to do better. We have the power to make a difference in our life and perhaps at the same time be an example to others.
Time for our minds to be going green.
The only recession that comes to our own mind and heart is the one we allow.
The Kingdom of Heaven is not suffering loss, unless you choose not to be a part of it. That would be a loss.
Jesus is coming, not for those who believe in him, because even the demons believe and they tremble. He will be looking for those who truly know him.
As we enter a new season, why not enter into a new relationship.
Jesus, one of the most incredible people, who showed to us who the Father, creator God really is.
God has a plan and you are included.
It's so simple and absolutely flawless, he's a genius, but of course he is.
He made you, and you are the only one like you. 1 in 69 billion, go figure.

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Hella said...

i really like this!
you are awesome buddy!
love ya!