Monday, April 20, 2009

God and His Prophetic Voice

{wind; stained glass, artist: Sylvia Laks}

i just came back from a prophetic teaching conference in Pennsylvania, where we had an awesome time. i went with a friend and we drove there about 8 hrs from where we are in Canada.

i love sitting under the tutelage of those in the know and filling my plate with the food they provide. So we came home with much food for thought and application. We have also met some key people and made some new friends.

i have had this gift in the prophetic for quite a long time. It has grown and matured in me over the years, to where i have been very comfortable in speaking into other peoples lives with words of encouragement and words of freedom.

i would call myself a seer/prophet who also receives dreams/visions, words and impressions. i have also in the past, over 10 years ago been doing prophetic intercession for a season. God had given me words and revelation about a certain church, a year prior to actually being a member there and then released me into prayer for that church.

Since then i have spoken with accuracy into numerous peoples lives and situations and been used to pray for specific release of God's power for people or places. When travelling throughout the US, it was not uncommon for me to pray and prophesy over a city or region i was driving through at the time.

According to the Apostle Paul in, 1 Cor. 14:1 "Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy."

He encouraged this gift, as a necessary part of church life.

The gift has been neglected, shunned, despised and prophetic people have been misunderstood for generations.

According to a number of writers who have studied this gift, they have said that there are varying degrees and differences within the gift and give examples of known prophets of our day and the ways the gift operates within them. Jim Goll has researched and written much on these things.

The entire Bible is built around the prophetic word. The many different dimensions, examples, profoundness and even lots of the weird. But that's just God showing us that you cannot put him into a box.

i think it is so cool when i receive a picture, impression or word about or for someone. Their eyes light up or they begin to cry because of the love of God that touches them very powerfully, through something i have spoken.

He also reveals secrets within the heart so people get set free from wounds and hurts.

There are numerous applications to this whole realm of God knowledge.

i speak out what the heart of God wants to say and that is an awesome privilege.

Why does he use the mouthpiece of a man?

He chose us to carry out his will here on earth by bringing the Kingdom of God into the earth's midst. We have that spiritual dimension because we are spirit, soul and body. He is spirit, and we connect with him in spirit, and we are then able to speak into the spirit of one another.

Be encouraged and go for the gift.

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