Saturday, May 23, 2009

Without End

{by Photozoo}

what is left to carry me?

a dream
my mind is drunk
with emotion
i believed
i know
know better
the ease
right out of
you are left
for God's sake
what does that mean?
i embrace the unseen
i speak
i discover
i believe
there is no end
to catch a phrase
not mine
a word
of life
i find
buried in reality
particular to my
allotted to me alone
a doorway
with my name
don't we know
it's time?
do it now
turn it over
we really are
"seeking first
what is his righteousness
and all
these things"
substance of real life
"will be"
without end

Saturday, May 16, 2009

{love this photo}
i have spent most of the last number of days writing an exhaustive exercise on the Lord's prayer, that should rightly be titled the disciples prayer. Simply because Jesus prayed a great number of prayers, and this was an example for them to apply.
It has been a fun venture, where i was able to compose 81/2 pages, by breaking the prayer into words, and word phrases. i ended up with 19 separate thoughts in paragraphs.
i love doing this type of writing. It stretches my mind and spirit.
i love writing on the word of God, because his word is something that is living. It never grows old.
His word is a great treasure. The more you dig and look the more you find.
Any serious bible studying pastor will tell you the same thing. They will say, "Wow!, I've never seen that before." A new revelation jumps off of the page.
When Jesus walked amongst men, he was the living, breathing, life form of the word of God made into a flesh man.
The book of John says this, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father full of grace and truth." verses, 1-9 and 14.
In the same part of the chapter it tells us that he came amongst us, his own, as a man, but that they would not receive him or accept him.
That would be like God coming to my door, knocking, and i come to the door and tell him to get lost.
God often came to people in the form of an angel, a visitor, a man, a warrior and some people did not know at the time.
Many others did and were blessed because of the encounter.
Guaranteed; an encounter with God will change a life forever!
Don't believe me, ask him for yourself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

weeping heart
within my breast
sadness for
a soul at rest
mournful cries
deep unto deep
to lay one down
in eternal sleep
One of our former pastors lost a son to a boating accident about two weeks ago. They had the memorial service last Saturday. Our congregation as well as many from about the globe who know Dennis and family all grieve together.
It is a greater sadness to lose a child, but especially one who loved God as Josh did.
i did not know him, but my heart was overtaken because i have a son the same age.
i got alone where i wept and wept.

Monday, May 4, 2009

my head runs over with thought
red billiard balls
on a green surface
careening into one another
over and over
and over
i hurt inside
without an explanation
heaviness a shadow of darkness
covers part of my mind
sorrow has enveloped my soul
tears rise and fall
Jesus wept
for the Father
at the thought of Jerusalem
and the fate of his people
who would ultimately
reject him
God weeps through us
his thoughts so far above ours
our weaknesses
doubt, fear, suspicion
lack of love and intent
selfishness, greed, endless sorrows,
children, orphans,
famine and wars
tragedy, lost lives, waste
disease, garbage heaps, human lives
reduced to shambles and ghosts of men
death on every corner,
killing fields, row upon row
the smell a repulsion
many generations live and breathe it everyday
it's all they've known, hatred, shouting, gunfire
tears and sorrows
the blood of generations
screaming at him from the ground
his sorrow too deep
for any human to ever carry
while we dance and play
marry and feast
Jeremiah the prophet, the weeping prophet
knew the heart of God for Israel,
with every teardrop
redemption's rainfall upon the ground
now his heart is turned
to a whole world he weeps for
who are the next Jeremiahs,
to carry the burden of our God
to release the tears of redemption
for people we don't even know,
don't love or care for
a people of hardened hearts?
we say "i want, to be like Jesus!"
really... is that what you want?
then be prepared to weep,
be prepared to spend all night
in that secret place with him
sorrowful for a world at war
life is but a vapour
redemption for a world lost,
will cost a few tears
will cost some lost sleep
will cost friendship with God,
and to know his heart
when you are called to the mountain of God,
what will you take with you as a sacrifice?