Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life's Journey(s)
i don't know about you, but;
i have had numerous interruptions, crushed dreams, experiences, changes of course, and many times in mid-stream. i have crossed mountains, deserts, plains, valleys, forded rivers, dams, hiked trails, rode bicycles, rode trains, driven a multitude of trucks, cars, motorcycles, jeeps, heavy equipment, passengered small and large aircraft, ridden on ferries, operated boats, paddled canoes, even tried sailboarding, trekked and rode my way here and there for many years.
i've been neurotic, depressed, oppressed, stoned, drunken, sad, extremely lonely, crazy, angry, introverted, proud, boastful, arrogant, stupid, wise, inventive, destructive; i've cried, screamed, been heartbroken, tired, bored, busy, hated my job, hated myself, hated others for what they had done or said to me, i've been at the bottom, burnt out, forgotten, misunderstood, misdirected, mystified, mismatched, and mismanaged, injured, sick, wounded, hospitalized, and almost died; been a father, husband, lover, friend, and enjoyed a few chosen friends.
i've slung manure, rode horses, chased sheep, cows, owned dogs, cats, had at one time, monkeys, snakes, lizards, toads and other reptiles share my home. Been bit by numerous dogs, clawed and scratched by other things, kicked by, stepped on, and threatened by horses.
i've worked on the railroad, construction, sales, photography, cleaned, operated bulldozers, loaders, excavators, all sort of trucks, worked with dynamite, dug ditches, trenches, lay sod, lay pipes, strung electric wire, plumbing, hammered nails, felled trees, sawn logs, split wood, did carpentry, sold cars, worked retail stores, run forklifts, managed warehouses, installed wood stoves, repaired cars, trucks, equipment, seen livestock slaughtered, cleaned horses hooves, raked and shoveled dirt, directed loaders, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, loaded hay wagons, driven farm machinery, slung milk cans, hoisted hay bales, flown in overloaded aircraft, built and repaired hunting camps.
Gone fishing, in all kinds of weather, boating, trolling, shore casting, stream fishing, cleaning, camping, making fires and cooking the catch. Run rapids, cruised the lakes, portaged the trails and high hills, drank the water, seen crystal clear lakes, swam, skinny-dipped, got dumped, almost drown, fell in a large eddy, got hoisted out by an angel. (not everybody can say that) Chased wild turkeys, caught snapping turtles, handled guns.
i've photographed wildlife, many, many many people all over the country, in churches, homes, restaurants, halls, golf courses, riversides, parks, on horses, wagons, sleighs, with animals, dogs, horses, cars, trucks, buses, hockey, baseball, soccer players, people in markets, foreign places, beautiful children, brides, scenery, sunsets, sunrise, storm clouds, derelict buildings, musicians, artists, artwork, almost anything.
i've written poems, stories, study guides, shared prayers, and helped others learn to pray, and taught deeper intercession, spoken and have seen people healed, set free, encouraged, laugh, find their life, their dreams, and find intimacy with God, as well as experienced his directness, closeness, the heaviness and lightness of his presence, love and best of all his forgiveness.
Of all the other things i've had a part in these last few outweigh anything and everything i could have ever imagined doing in my life.
i only want for more of this type of living, to give away the life that i've been given, with all it's gifts to share, and love from the heart of God flowing out through me!
That will be the absolute best!
(Photo 12th Century ruins, Austria .08)

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