Monday, February 16, 2009

(A card, add words from my heart, a particular bottle of wine, a movie, and a special dinner out)
Valentine's Day
Just another great way to spend some quality time and share your heart once more with the one that is so special.
For me the special one is my best friend and beautiful wife.
Like Christmas, Birthdays and Valentine's, it's never a last minute thing. i like to put some real thought and love into the things i do for her.
In a special relationship, like the one we have, doing something special or engaging is an almost everyday occurrence.
i believe it can be in any relationship, with friends. You simply put others ahead of yourself as much as that is possible and the rewards are enormous.
We've all seen the looks and felt the joy when you touch another heart.
The greatest and best feelings of joy i have encountered have been distinctive or unique because God has set up these moments. And sometimes a moment is all it takes with him. Then there have been those specific intervals that you look back on and know there was no mistake in that, that he put his heart and Spirit into it.
i know he set in motion the road of love for my wife and myself, that there was no coincidence here.
This was our first of many Valentine's Days to come as husband and wife. But with God in the centre almost everyday has that same flavor to it.
i hope you can experience the same.

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Hella said...

to my sweet wonderful husband...

you are the very best man a girl could ever hope or dream for!
i love you with my whole heart!

your baby!