Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh yes
i remember
a sudden
out of no where
a wall
i slam it
very hard
i was not expecting
not at all
it left me
for days
even great words
what day
Humpty Dumpty
or was he
We struggle at sorting out our soul and it's inclination to be down cast, thrown for a loop. Like falling from a bicycle while descending a steep grade; you're just a kid, but you remember every detail of the lashing you took from the gravel and still have the scars.
"Why are you down cast oh my soul..." David lamented more than once.
Is it because we chase after the heart of God? That very little on this earth has our attention or our heart. We pursue, we fall down, we get up to pursue again, we are pushed back only to arise again and again. We refuse to quit.
i made a comment about a young boxer who never made it out of the small time, who gets old but thinks he wants one more chance to prove something, but in the quandary feels he's running out of time.
The soul, is a trap. It's the realm the roaring lions dwell in. Where the roar is meant to strike terror, fear and displace all hope and turn you into a panicking disturbed blind, wounded, mindless, lame brained lackey. A servant of the wind.
"David a young man, reached down and picked up five smooth stones from the brook..."
It only took one... the prophetic utterance of the truth of God.
i am not a captive of my soul, but a champion of God's eternal word. A warrior, prophet, intercessor, priest of the Most High and deliverer of men.
Walls will happen, i temporarily forgot i was to jump over it.

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