Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Earth is the Lord's and the Fullness thereof

Due to some problems i cannot get into my other blog, so i will continue my entries here for now.

The Scientific community has recognized for decades that we are a unique entity.

The cloning or should i say the efforts of trying to clone is a great example. The DNA factors within each individual cell only allows for the reproduction of another unique cell, and it will always be different.

i will continue to state that it takes more energy to disbelieve in the simplicity of the spoken word of God for creation to have come into being. There are just too many diversities for evolution and too many mathematical perfections for the big bang theory.

i was watching a program about the physics in the universe and in his deliberation there were more probabilities than there were solid facts, because the mathematics and quantum science or "theory", which is just that, doesn't have all the answers; but then for some strange reason, because men have done something with different diagrams and physics, we think that they are more believable than the reality of a supreme being.

Here's one for you. Why are our bodies made up of just the right amount of water and matter, and why is the atmosphere just the right mixture of oxygen, nitrogen etc. for us to be a living being?

Why is the moon specifically a certain distance from earth?

Why is the earth tilted at a specific degree and spin at a certain rotation and made up of the components necessary for our survival in any part of it?

The greater part of mankind are lacking in sound judgement and intelligence and are at the mercy of being led by the blindness of others.
Now that is real stupidity.
Lemming mentality.
(artwork by: Sylvia Laks)

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