Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the sixth month, the seventh day of two thousand and eight, two people came into a complete union of body soul and spirit.
We were met by the interaction of the most wonderful and beautiful Spirit of them all as He also joined Himself in and with us. An awesome precious friend and God.
As twelve months have passed, seemingly rather quickly we have seen before our eyes transformation in us both, as redeemed and sanctified by a super personal God, who has only our best interest in mind and on His heart.
He allowed us to meet, become friends first, husband and wife second, be part of a Spirit filled growing comunity of saints and surrounds us with great friends; only a few of many more to come.
We have watched Him move through our hands, mouths, hearts as we have been privileged to touch the special lives He has brought through our door or across our path.
Prayers have been answered, encouragements spoken, freedom for heart, soul and spirit.
We have come to observe His spoken words to us take root and grow fruit and feel His generous love, joy, laughter, presence and even angels coming to minister and bless our home from time to time.
We refuse to take for granted, the present time, age, place we live in and the community we abide with as an accident. There are no accidents with God. i have been tracking with Him for too long and know this as fact.
We are imperfect for the majority of our lives and He recognizes our shortcomings but is always ready to help make a way where there seems to be no way.
Hebrews chapter 11, is a testamony of the many saints before us who walked by faith, looking for their reward, believing, trusting, walking with God on a day to day basis. Anticipating while journeying into the unknown.
We have one life to live...
There is nothing so wasteful as to live it only for ourselves.
One year ago today i made a fresh new pledge, but everyday i am committed to the one He gave me, and really He gave me another part of Himself in her.
i fell in love with a woman that is the truth, and i also fell in love with more of God at the very same time; that is another truth. And in this truth we are more and more set free.
Father God you are so amazing, there are never enough words to capture just everything you are.
Thank you for this year in you, in me, in her, in us, in you, in them, and all of us in you.


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i concur!!!
my sweet wonderful man!
you ARE the best!!!
love you huge!!!