Friday, December 5, 2008

Being Known

It always amazes me when out of the blue, God shows up and changes the scenery.
We are most often unaware of his presence, like a father tip-toeing into the bedroom to check on the sleeping child.
In this particular instance he called my family name in a crowd of about 600 people, in a special church service with a well known and respected teacher and prophet, Larry Randolph, who was one of the instrumental persons used during the Toronto blessing.
It was Friday evening a few weeks ago and at the end of his message he directed some uplifting words to a select few and then asked for us by our family name. He spoke directly to our hearts and situation, but that is just the way God is, always aiming at the heart.
Our hearts are the most vulnerable part of our make-up of body, soul and spirit, because how we have been treated, spoken to, taught, believe, absorb life will be reflected through our hearts.
Jesus said, "out of the overflow (abundance) of the heart the mouth speaks."
We are to have a treasure of life filling up our hearts, so that at any given moment we can be a blessing of life to others. Living water flowing like a river to give life.
I've been reading a book called, Waking The Dead, by author John Eldredge. He is a wonderful writer using many antidotes and pieces from different movies such as, Gladiator, Lord of The Rings, and some of C.S. Lewis. He has a significantly different approach that is very refreshing, real and right where we live.
Getting back to God, speaking to our hearts. I have been on this journey of unwanted pain for about 2 1/2 months now, and it is around the new job i have. It has caused me to dig deep for strength and faith, and i have awakened in the middle of the night to pray and pursue God, and get in his face. Part of this word to us was the fact that i am a bulldozer, and i know how to push, but that i have been up against something that requires some divine intervention, that he is going to assist me with. How cool is that!
Thank you God my awesome friend and Father.

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