Saturday, December 13, 2008

in life unlived
such tragedy give,
the uses all used
all graces abused
trying tears
on falling faces
spilled in all
awkward of places,
unending steps toward
a slippery goal
bent over bent forward
bent and bent
unable to contend,
walking and talking
running into walls
onto the streets
into the falls
faces turned down
sorrows we crown,
smoldering ash
nights turned
and days past
calendars reminder
into shallow words
all the unkinder,
holding hard
against the wind
rice paper walls
ever thinned
holding ever holding
onto the closing dawn
to curtains torn
and curtains drawn
to frowns on faces
all over time
these are the faces
clocks and time
hands and spaces
our lives unlived
such tragedy
we give.

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