Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wintery Wonderful

The beautiful white covers us again, only earlier and more this year.
A white Christmas for sure.
This year for the first time in the last 10, i don't have to worry about the weather, the road conditions and other winter storms throughout CDA and the US.
i am home, nice and warm and comfortable. There is only one exception i'm not working, due to an injury. So as comforted as i am about not driving about the countryside, i sit with pain shooting through my left hip, leg and foot.
But! it's not deterring my enjoyment of Christmas. Our home is festively decorated, gifts under the tree, and since my sweetie is out working very hard for us, i transformed the house for her. i even have the miniature village on display, adding a few new pieces also.
Tomorrow is Christmas eve, and family time with one side, then our first Christmas morning as husband and wife. Then hopefully a trip up to the valley to share and visit with my family, and granddaughter who is about to be 2 in February.
Also more excitement coming in February as another expected grandchild for the Mrs.
Lots of excitement in the air, and new expectation as we wait on God to unveil some new plans for .09.
So i wish and pray blessings on all, with safe journeys and happy memories.
Merry Christmas!
(photo by me)

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